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seyedashraf August 23, 2010 17:09

Volume mesh error?
Modeling a somewhat difficult to model _Specially in gambit _, 3D weir
now in the last step , meshing the volumes it Gambit shows this error

any suggestions?

-mAx- August 24, 2010 01:06

If you read the error message, it says that you have surface mesh with high skewness.
Check where are those surfaces and fix the problems.

seyedashraf August 24, 2010 02:27

i have read that
didnt know how to find those faces
there are lots of faces in the model

-mAx- August 24, 2010 02:37

in Gambit go to examine Mesh.
Since volume meshing has failed, you can go to examine mesh and choose 2d element.
Then set the lower value to 0.9 for instance, it will display all the 2d elements with skewness over 0.9
Sometimes Gambit mentions which surfaces give you problems (in the error message you got, try to see if gambit mentionned any surface mesh failed or something like this).

seyedashraf August 26, 2010 07:15

ill try this

thanks to the tips

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