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siw August 26, 2010 10:13

[ICEM] Trying out with Hexa for a wing

Today I was given access to ICEM CFD v12.1 Hexa for a single CFD study. This is new to me as for the past few years I've only had Tetra/Prism. Having read many ICEM topics it seems that Hexa is the preferred method (especially from reading PSYMN's posts:D).

Since I don't have long to spend using Hexa and I only need it to create some meshes of a single 3-D wing with the NACA 0012 aerofoil section could someone let me know how to get high quality meshes for a range of different angles of attack and wing quarter-chord sweep angles? The wing has:

root chord = 0.5m
tip chord = 0.2m
semi-span = 0.7m
taper ratio = 0.4
aspect ratio = 5.7 (from full span)
quarter-chord sweep angle = 25deg
twist angle = dihedral angle = 0deg

I downloaded the ICEM tutorials from the ANSYS Customer Portal but the only Hexa ones I could find were for internal pipes flows.

One thing that the tutorial slides didn't say was how to deal with an inflation layer. Is a dedicated thin block made at a surface from the required y+, growth rate and layer quantity or is this combined in a regular block?

I'm sure people will say this is all very easy but I don't have long to get proficient with it as after the task I'll be back to Tetra/Prism only.


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