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xiaoyoyo August 26, 2010 20:17

Why only one prism layer generated (ICEM)
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to generated Tetra+prism mesh using a fairly complex geometry using ANSYS-ICEM 12.1. I set the initial thickness of prism layer as 0.1, ratio is 1.1, and number layer as 4, while only one layer was generated.

I tried another method: generate one layer of Prism, then splited it into 4 layers. It worked. While When I was importing this mesh into cfx, an error message came out:
2010/08/25 22:01:58
GTMAPI::importMeshIntoModel - There was a problem importing the mesh from the requested file.
The importing process reported the following problem:
Unable to import mesh: Invalid local face number (0) for element 2317277 in 2D region PART_BLADE_WEDGE_LIQ_SOLID_1.

While when I imported the mesh file which do not contain prism layer, it's no problem.

Please help me to solve the problems! Thanks a lot!

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