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stuart23 September 1, 2010 21:40

Cart3D Problems
Hi all,

I'm having problems running Cart3D on anything. None of my models or the "sample" models included in the icem install directory will mesh in Cart3D. I have tried on both x86 Windows XP and x64 Windows 7 systems. Both computers run ICEM CFD 12.1.

After clicking "compute parameters", i get the following messages with no errors:

"C:/Program Files/ANSYS Inc/v121/icemcfd/win64_amd/icemcfd/output-interfaces/df2cart3d" -i "./plugs.uns" -o vcarta -single
Total Number of Nodes = 5646
Total Number of Elements = 11280
Number of Sections = 1
Reading Nodes...
Section #0:
Element type = 8, start = 5646, end = 16925
Number of Tri Elements = 11280
Reading Tri elements...
Writing the family info...
Number of components = 3
component 0: id = 1, name = PLUG-3
component 1: id = 2, name = PLUG-1
component 2: id = 3, name = PLUG-2
Building connectivity information...
Orienting Normals ccw for whole...
0 Normals Reversed for whole
Writing cart3D trifile: vcarta.i.tri...
df2cart3d finished
Created 4 New Cart-3D density polygons

When running the actual generator, i get this readout:

Running: "C:/Program Files/ANSYS Inc/v121/icemcfd/win64_amd/icemcfd/cubes" -i vcarta.input -o vcarta.mesh -ascii -b 4 -a 20 -pre vcarta.cntl -no_est -icem vcarta.dom -Dcut -Xcut 3 -Ycut 3 -Zcut 3 -no_file
Program is running: pid = 2104
Application is finished.
Error: Cart-3D Did not create pre-view mesh
Loading domain "./plugs.uns" ...

I hope somebody else has been able to resolve this issue already.



jiejie December 13, 2011 23:11

Hi stuart23

Have you solved your problem with Cart3D?

I am getting into the same problem now.


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