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nchuche September 7, 2010 03:48

Create a region
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Dear All,
Who has any effective methods if I would like to create a circle region (pointed by an arrow in Fig. 1) connected with the wall? A simplification diagram is shown in Fig. 2. Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
C. H. Lin
Sep. 7, 2010

BrolY September 7, 2010 07:37

You could use the "build topology" option.

rana41671 September 7, 2010 16:10


Originally Posted by BrolY (Post 274268)
You could use the "build topology" option.

As Alexandre mentioned, you could use geometry>repair geometry> build diagnostic topology. or else if its a STL file which you imported as geometry, then you will have to extract curves from surfaces and then segment/trim surfaces to get separate curves and surfaces.

Hope that helps.


PSYMN September 26, 2010 22:28

Sorry for the delay, I have been very busy lately... Your reminder email helped.

Your question was not quite clear to me, but if you actually mean a circle, there are lots of ways...

Usually, I would be doing this because I want my STL pipe to end in a perfect circle. SO what I do is use the option to create a circle from 3 points. I then pick the three points that seem roughly right and it gives me a circle. Then to make the facets fit to that circle, I go into the faceted repair tools and go into "Clean up" tools to align the facets to the curve. Pick one edge, "l" to flood fill" and pick the circle. The Facets will snap into place.

If you are trying to show the circle is inside the pipe, then I would start the same way (circle from 3 points on the end of the pipe), but then use the center point option to find the center of the circle. Then create a circle of a given radius using the center point and plane of the original circle... Or you could scale the circle, etc.

Lots of options, ICEM CFD is very flexible.

Do you actually mean you want to offset the wall inward? Not really a circle, but to give yourself an inner thickness?

Yes, you can use the extrude tool. (Edit Mesh => Extrude).

First convert the model to mesh (Edit => facets to mesh), then make sure the normals are matching (Edit mesh => Edit Normals). Then use extrude to extrude one layer (or more if you wanted to keep these layers). The "Top" part name will be the inner layer. Then you can delete the volume elements (if you don't want to keep them or if the facets were not good quality). Finally, if you wanted geometry, you can convert the facets back to geometry (Edit => Mesh to Facets) and replace...

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