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jai September 8, 2010 23:05

prism element on interface
prism element creation on fluid-fluid interface is good practice or not?
pls explain.

BrolY September 9, 2010 03:36

I'm not sure I have well understood your question. Anyway :
Prism elements are mainly used to better capture the boundary layer. If it is your goal, you don't need prism elements on the fluid interface.

PSYMN September 21, 2010 16:46

finely capture gradients normal to the surface
More generally, Prism elements are used when ever you want to finely capture a result gradient in one direction, but not others. The prisms allow you to refine in the direction normal to the surface without needing to refine along the surface (efficient use of mesh).

Do you expect gradients normal to your fluid/fluid interface? Do you want to resolve these closely?

For instance, if it was a free surface between the water and air, prisms could help to capture that wave motion.

Another possibility may be heat transfer between the fluids...

So yes, if you want to capture a normal gradient, prisms are a good idea.

If you don't expect anything, don't bother with prisms.

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