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gajemon September 13, 2010 07:12

Overlapping elements on big radius
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There is a problem with overlapping elements on big radius (pic1).
I tried:
1. split block on radius (pic2)
2. assosiate edges and vertex with radius curve (pic3)

but there is no result

How can I fix it?
Thanks for your help

jeevankumarb September 14, 2010 07:06

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hello gajemon,

This can happen with improper extraction of curves from surfaces, or with bad geometry.
you can try
1. check the curves and the surfaces at that location where you have problem, try to extract cruves once again.
2. if it doesnt work you can try using interpolate option in the face assotiation. image attached, and select the two alternate faces where you have problem.

thank you

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PSYMN September 21, 2010 14:53

Projection Limit
The best fix for curves and surfaces not quite lining up is turning on "Settings => Meshing Options => Hexa/Mixed => projection limit" This will interpolate just across the gap and not for the entire face...

However, this problem looks more like overlapping. It is pretty strange.

Oh well, I can't tell from here. Try the projection limit and other suggestions. If it still doesn't work you could post your model (or send it to me privately) and I could take a look when I have time. Or you could send it in to

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