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cfdonlinederafa September 14, 2010 03:59

Meshing problem from ICEM CFD to Fluent
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I have an hexa mesh and in ANSIS ICEM looks pretty good, but when i export it into fluent, some problems appear.
I attach two pictures of an horizontal plane with a z=1 with ICEM CFD (scan plane option in Pres-mesh) and the mesh charged in Fluent

Icem Mesh: every cell looks ok hexa as i want

Flent: the mesh has some problems it appears some triangles.

Does anybody have the same problem?
Could you help me? Thank you very much!
Rafael PhD Student

PSYMN September 21, 2010 14:36

Elemental display issue...
You may just be viewing a cut thru some elements so it appears like that... Check your mesh types when the mesh is actually loaded to see if you really have any non hexa or quad elements. I am guessing that everything is just fine. It is just a display thing in Fluent.

Instead of showing the cut thru the elements, try to display whole elements... That should sort it out.

Sorry, I forget where this control is in Fluent.


cfdonlinederafa September 21, 2010 16:16

Thank you, i guess it must be that... becouse everything are quads and hexas...
but i can not find the option you tell me about in fluent... anyone can help?

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