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fkh September 20, 2010 13:15

Amateur Question: Why the mesh just go through the geometry?
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I am trying to create a domain with 3 blocks inside representing buildings in the wind tunnel. I build the geometry and create a body which is able to distingush there is cavity inside the domain.

But when I use blocking and premesh parameter to create the mesh, the mesh just ignore the cavity and pass through it right away. Please see attached pics for detials. Actually, I have repeat this procedure with a larger cavity, the mesh can bend inside the cavity wall.

I am really confuse right now. Do I make a mistake in using blocking and premesh parameter? or Do I use the wrong meshing method?

I have tried volume meshing but it just cannot create my desired meshes.

I know this question maybe too amateur to be asked here but I would really appreaciate your help!


PSYMN September 21, 2010 11:02

Delete blocks
I recommend you try some of the tutorials... As this operation is covered in most of them.

But yes, this is an easy fix.

You need to put the block inside those buildings into a different material (Add to blocking material). Or you could just delete it (turn off the option to delete permanently) which sends it to the VORFN material.

Currently, the blocks outside and inside your buildings are all in the fluid material. Once you delete those blocks or put them in a solid material, Hexa will understand that there should be a boundary between the materials and it will create the shell elements, etc.

Looking at your images, I see you have no surfaces under the buildings. Therefore, you probably just want to delete block.

If you did want to do conjugate heat transfer or FSI (structural), you could create a building material, but you would need to either fix the geometry or associate the bottom face to "interpolate".

fkh September 21, 2010 19:41


Thanks a lot!

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