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ChrisDanger September 22, 2010 09:46

Mesh refinement causing problems
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I'm meshing a 2D airfoil to solve in fluent. I've used blocking and the Blocking > Pre-Mesh Params > Refinement tool to refine the mesh along the length of the airfoil (see attached picture). When I check the mesh it finds numerous (order of 10^3) errors, and any attempts at fixing the mesh are still resulting in errors. I'm not sure if I'm not fixing the errors in the right manner, or if there's a way to refine the mesh without causing these errors. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


PSYMN October 5, 2010 19:36

Not a problem.
Uncovered faces just means that you have the side of an element that is not properly connected to another volume element or shell element.

Keep in mind that ICEM CFD is designed to work with hundreds of different solvers, most of which would definitely choke if you gave them hanging nodes.

However the FLUENT solver can handle these 2 to 1 hanging nodes no problem...

you don't need to fix anything (fixing would try to cover the uncovered edges with line elements).

This is why "uncovered faces" is in the "possible problems" list. Hanging nodes are not a problem for FLUENT :cool:

This could be a more serious problem if the uncovered faces were around the perimeter, meaning you didn't have boundary lines. Fluent would give you a "null pointer" error because it couldn't contain the fluid region with a boundary.

ChrisDanger October 6, 2010 08:33


Thanks Simon. Unfortunately whenever I read the mesh into Fluent it says it's aborting due to a critical error. It loads fine if I don't refine the mesh as described above, so I can only assume this is what's causing the error.

(I did try again now after ganing a bit more experience with both ICEM and Fluent but the same problem occurs.)

PSYMN October 6, 2010 17:35

Strange, it should work. Does anyone else have any ideas here?

If you have access to, you could ask them about it.

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