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vishnukmd7 September 23, 2010 13:15

Basic meshing doubt
I'm new to ICEM. I was trying to do a simple 2-d meshing to do a flow sim over a square block just to get accustomed to the meshing process.

I followed the steps given in the 2-d car meshing problem given in tutorials and got a mesh.

Now the problem arises when i try to improt it into Fluent.

I get the mesh read and everything( exported as nastran file and imported in fluent ).. But only 1 zone: interior + exterior ( the outer rectangular domain that I specified enclosing the square ) and the square itself.

No conditions / edges available for inlets and outlets.

Though I can use grid -> split to get this , I want to do this name / zone assigning in ICEM itself.

I did what was given in one of the other posts regarding setting solver and boundary in output tab , but no result.. clicked the rubic cube after setting solver to fluentv_6 and set boundary condtions.tried to import the case to fluent it says access violation.

Here again , I'm what am i supposed to give boundary conditions??? the geometry I created or part->create part -> different parts with each corresponding to a Boundary and then BC???

I tried both and still no results :D

So , Can someone tell me what exactly I'm doing wrong..

And plz tell me the step by step method...right from creating geometry to blocking to meshing .....etc.... exactly what is to be done in each step..

And kindly do not refer to tutorials...I have been struggling with tuts for almost a month now :(

PSYMN September 23, 2010 16:31

Almost step by step...
Lets look at the 2D car example...

All around the surface, you have curves... These are your boundaries.

Before generating your final mesh, you need to name these boundaries.

Right click on "Parts" in the model tree and create new.

Type in a new Part name. Lets start with INLET. THen select the curves that represent the inlet on the left side of the box.

Similarly for outlet, floor, ceiling and the car its self. You could even get fancy and name the wheels, windshield, etc.

The 2D surface its self should be in a part called "FLUID" or something like that. The 2D blocks should also be in this Fluid Part.

The next time you compute the premesh, it will put the line elements in the same part as the curves that the edges lay on (The edges must be associated to the curves or no line elements will be generated and you will end up with a null pointer error.)

Then go to output tab, set the solver to fluent and proceed from there. You can setup the boundary conditions as Inlet, Outlet, etc. Or you can just open the boco file, set nothing, apply and close. Then setup which boundary has what condition in Fluent.

vishnukmd7 September 24, 2010 01:36

Thanks a lot....I'm starting off now :)

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