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kambireddy September 27, 2010 01:41

ICEM Tetra Meshing problme
Dear All,

I am using ICEM Tetra for meshing flat plate heat sink. As u know there is fluid region also. i facing following problems
1. Before meshing i am using repair geometry. this makes interfaces of fluid and solid over fins is gng to merge and creating interface problem in pre processing.

2. I fin size is (1228(L) * 65(height) *6(thick) mm^3). where as base 20 mm thick with 1228 length.(rectangle plate). Imagine plate with fins. i am giving element size for fin as 16 and factor as 0.0001. where as for plate size 64.
problem here is system is taking long time and system getting hang. i dont know the reason why it is happening?

plz help me out guys??
thanks in advance

PSYMN September 27, 2010 17:00

Quick tip.
These sorts of thin large surface area geometries are not ideal for ICEM CFD Octree mesh because it wastes a lot of time filling the volume before running the cutter.

You could try the option to ignore thin walls... (look it up in the help to see pics of what it does for you)

If your geometry is good, you could try a patch conforming method or even switch to ANSYS meshing...

kambireddy September 27, 2010 23:32

ICEM Tetra Meshing problem
Thanks a lot for ur reply..

Previously i am using Ansys meshing only, but one of my frnd suggested moslty all are using ICEM for meshing.. so i switched to ICEM.

Could u plz suggest me how can we decide which mesh tool is appropriate to full fill our needs?

PSYMN October 5, 2010 19:17

Other ICEM CFD methods...
ICEM CFD has lots of methods, only Octree Tetra would be inappropriate...

I would probably try ICEM CFD hexa to get a really good mesh on that model. The patch dependent surface mesh method followed by delaunay tetra and then prism would also work nicely

If you could post a picture, I could give more tips.

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