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hung September 28, 2010 21:39

Import from ProE 5 to ansys 12.1
I tried to import from ProE 5 to ansys 12.1 but the result seems a bit funny.
any suggestion?

PSYMN December 6, 2010 18:17

Insider Insight
I asked some insider types about this and was told...

"Seems like the faceting is coarse. If they are using DM, there is an option (Tools -> Options -> DesignModeler -> Graphics -> Facet Quality) to increase facet quality. They can also improve the accuracy in Pro/Engineer. If they are inside mechanical they can try to mesh it to see if it is just a display issue or real problem with the geometry.

If it remains unresolved they should contact ANSYS support with the model. We can look at it more closely once we have the geometry.

Anyway, let us know if this helps...

hung March 31, 2011 20:07

It work perfectly.

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