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raghav September 30, 2010 03:34

problem vt the unstructered meshing
as i create unstructured mesh for my geometry several "created material points" are generated. Also when i import the mesh to CFX it carries volume mesh of the above created material points. How to overcome this?

BrolY September 30, 2010 03:40

This is normal. For an unstructured mesh, you have to create a material point (also called "body") where your mesh will be located.
So, this is not an issue !!!

raghav October 1, 2010 05:53

thanks. have u used bladegen tool?

PSYMN October 3, 2010 14:35

Create your own.
If you don't want the tool to create its own material points, you should create at least one in the fluid region.

This is how the Octree method marks which elements are within each region. If you create at least one material point, it will assume that all the other regions are not within the flow domain and will not give you mesh for those regions.

raghav October 4, 2010 04:13

thanks. when i create the material points will it reduce the number of 2d regions in cfx after importing the mesh to cfx?

PSYMN October 5, 2010 18:27

Is this a 3D model? I assume so, in which case, I assume the 2D regions are boundary regions? These are determined by the part names for your surfaces...

If you have just an inlet, outlet and walls for your surface geometry, you will have just three boundary regions in CFX (or FLuent or whatever). If you have a bunch of parts or perhaps a different part for each surface, then the mesh will form with shells in each part and you will have lots of bocos to deal with...

The material points is the equivalent, but in the volumes. These are separate issues.


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