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Prakash.Paudel October 1, 2010 11:06

Catia V5 to ICEM CFD
i am trying to import Catia v5 part/model into ICEMCFD using workbench reader and the error i get is as follows :

Importing file D:/prakash.paudel/Desktop/Part1.CATPart
Error: Part manager failed to attach assembly
Current Coordinate system is global

anybody has any idea whats going on ?? any help would be appreciated


PSYMN October 3, 2010 14:20

WB readers require WB installed...
It could be that the workbench readers are not properly installed.

Do you have WB installed on your machine? Has this worked for any other files?

If you have WB installed and something like DM or AM licensed, have you tried importing a CatiaV5 file into those products (they use the same reader and it would help us determine if the problem is on the reader end or passing it into ICEM CFD.)

This is the kind of question that is ideal for

Best regards,


eloy785 May 26, 2011 16:17

Error: Part manager failed to attach assembly
Hi Prakash.Paudel
Basically, the Catia geometry contains an errror, i mean, if you join geometrical setting is necessary to check it, because in any place of the geometry contains a surface with error.

best regards

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