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Wikie October 3, 2010 07:18

How to: 2D mesh for pipe rows??
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Hi @all,

I want to generate a mesh for the problem you can find attached. I'm new to ICEM and due to this I'm facing some problems. How can I generate a 2D mesh for this problem? I'm even failing with generating the arcs for the pipes :-( The only possibility I've found right now is to generate 3 points and than an arc from this points. As you can see there are 1008 arcs I have to create. Due to this would have to create 3024 points :-( Isn't there any faster solution for my problem??


Wikie October 3, 2010 10:34

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okay, I played around in ICEM and realized that I'm not able to create a simple ogrid for one pipe :eek: You can find my first try attached. Where can I find tutorials to setup ogrids step by step?? Or can anybody tell me how to do this?
My idea is to create one of this pipes and than just copy them one next to another. Is this possible??

BrolY October 4, 2010 03:41

You could create one arc, and then duplicate it.
For that, create a kind of a map of your model with all the middle points of your arcs (read the ANSYS help guide, it would be very useful for you !). And then, use the translate option to duplicate the arcs.
I don't know where you could find tutorials (usually, they are with the install CD, or maybe ask them to the techsupport), but you should start from there.

PSYMN October 5, 2010 17:35

topologies, topology copies and arrays...
Yes, you can take advantage of topologies, topology copies and arrays...

First, get some tutorials so you can learn how to mesh a circle in a square... Ogrid requires hexa blocking. You were using the patch dependent paving (you could get quad rings by setting "width" on the circle".

Either way, you can just mesh one circle in a box and then Array the topology (geometry, blocking and/or mesh) to create all your holes...

Best regards,


Wikie October 6, 2010 04:19

Hi Simon,

thanks for your advice. Do you know where I can get some tutorials for ogrids?? I really have to learn more about meshing due to my studies, but the tutorials aren't installed on the computers for students.
Right now I'm modelling each row as a porous-jump and it's working fine.


dst October 6, 2010 07:57

Hi Wikie,

for the exact geometry you showed you could make an O-grid in the following way:
Blocking - Create Block - [Type: 2D Surface Blocking] -
- "Select your box with a hole (tube) inside" - [All Quad] - Apply

To modify the block into O-block: Blocking - Split Block - Ogrid Block - Select Block
- "Select your the block you wish to make O-Grid" - Apply - " You have the O-block structure"

Hope, I didn't miss anything.

PSYMN October 6, 2010 17:44

Paved or Mapped?
Yup, that is one way. It will give an unstructured (paved) 2D block...

If you want mapped blocks, even unstructured mapped quads, start with the 2D Planar.

It should give you a single block around your rectangle with a hole in it.

Here you have choices...

You could create an Ogrid with just this single box. The square at the middle would be the pipe. Associate and you are done. All Ogrid!

Or you could split the rectangle to make a more square shape around the hole for the Ogrid... then Add the Ogrid and delete the center square for the pipe. OGrid next to HGrid

Or you could split upstream and downstream of the hole in both directions (4 splits to create a small box around the hole) then put an Ogrid in the box... Ogrid surrounded by HGrid

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