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MrAnderson October 5, 2010 09:06

Fluid and Structure Interaction
Dear everybody,

I am currently trying to generate a fluid domain consisting of a beam inside it. The fluid domain shall resemble a water channel and the beam inside is supposed to move later on.

So, my question is the following:
Is it ok if I get yellow curves in my domain at the place where the bottom of the channelwall and the bottom of the beam meets. Since, I want a hole exactly at the place of the bottom of the beam. Could this cause any problem later for my fluid and structure interaction?

Thanks for your help!

PSYMN October 8, 2010 16:04

Yellow indicator lights...
This all reminds me of something my high school driving instructor used to say... "What does it mean when you see a flashing indicator light?" Someone in the class would say "they are indicating that they want to turn." The instructor would say "Nope, all it means, for sure, is that their indicator light is working." Don't always assume a more complex meaning to things. Yellow curves don't necessarily mean problems. They just mean you have "single" edges.

Yellow curves mean "no other surface edges within the topo tolerance of this edge". They could be perfectly fine if you expect a gap there (such as when you expect a yellow curve around the perimeter of a baffle.

Even having a yellow curve where two volumes should meet might be OK if the mesh size is large enough to walk over it...

I am not sure I understand your geometry, but are the bottom of the channel wall and bottom of the beam supposed to meet?

I can't say much more without a picture.

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