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raghav October 7, 2010 05:37

Problem vt unstructured meshing
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i imported the geometry from catia.
these are the problems i faced after meshing. it is according to the images attached.

1. Some parts like outer cylinder are not meshed. After meshing the unmeshed parts using " mesh by parts" option, these parts carried the mesh elements while i imported it to CFX.

2. after using "build topology" some curves were highlighted by yellow colour. during mesh process it prompted a message " geometry has holes". this was referring to the highlighted yellow curves.

3. before mesh the geometry was like in the fig 3

4. after mesh the holes in the geometry were filled

please suggest me what have to be done to have a whole geometry meshed with no errors.


PSYMN October 8, 2010 12:21

1) The outer section probably didn't mesh because it didn't have its own material point... During the flood fill process, the software assumed that since you didn't create a material point, you were not interested in that region, so the mesh there was deleted. The fix is to create a material point in that region (and any others which you are interested in... If you use the "mesh by parts" option, each part is meshed on its own, but without the connectivity your probably want (so don't do that unless you are wanting a mechanical assembly mesh that you will join with contact elements).

2) The yellow edges mean you have a gap (or at least a single edge like a baffle) that is larger than your build topology tolerance. You pictures don't let me see what is going on near those yellow edges, so you will need to decide if they need to be repaired or not. Perhaps simply increasing your tolerance would sort out the problem, just make sure that the gap distance is less than your mesh size.

Of course, this is all covered very well in the training course... Attend one if you can. If not, at least go thru the tutorials. You may find those built into the software install (under Help => Tutorials) or on the Customer Portal...

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