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gravis October 8, 2010 08:09

ICEM keyboard problem in linux

I am running ICEM 12.1 under Centos. Recently I upgraded from Centos version 4 to 5, keeping the ICEM installation.

After upgrading, the keyboard is not working properly in ICEM. I can use the key "x" to fit the screen and some similar things in the 3D view. However, the keyboard is not working e.g. for setting parameters or inside the "Open project" window.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling ICEM without any difference.

I would appreciate any advice.

PSYMN October 9, 2010 11:48

Open source
Linux is open source and therefore has many flavors, etc.

It would be impossible for ANSYS to test all possible flavors so we have focused on the more stable and much more commonly used RedHat 4 and 5 and Suse 10.

Other versions may work, or they may not. But we haven't officially tested.

You are in uncharted territory.

Sorry. :o

gravis October 11, 2010 02:26

Thanks for your reply.

Good to know about the other distributions, I will probably have to try them instead. I am aware of the risk taking of using a more uncommon distribution, so running into this problem was no huge suprise :)

Moelfus July 6, 2016 12:16

Keyboard not working
Hi guys,

I know it is an old thread but I stumbled upon the same problem with ICEM 16.1 and Centos 7 and wanted to share the solution with you. To get ICEM working again you just have to unset the following environmental variables in the shell before calling ICEM:


To get permanently rid of it you can also add these lines to your .bashrc:

echo "unset QT_IM_MODULE\nunset XMODIFIERS\nunset GTK_IM_MODULE" >> .bashrc

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