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ATOTA October 8, 2010 15:37

Problematic geometry in Ansys Meshing
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Hi all,

I am new in using this software, so I dont know where I am going wrong. So here is the problem I made this Solar panel (which I want to do flow simulation on) in a domain using solidworks and exported it to Ansys. In ansys design modeler, I changed the material of the domain to fluid and kept the solar panel as solid.
Now when i took it to Ansys Meshing, I selected tetra patch conforming method to make my mesh and it wont mesh the solar panel. The error it gives me is "problematic geometry".

Attached are two pictures which shows the domain and solar panel and second picture shows the problematic geometry error (in red).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

PSYMN October 9, 2010 11:51

try a few things...
If you have access to tech support (, please call them.

It probably doesn't like that small tube. You could try splitting it axially (to give the surface mesh an edge to hang on to) or try a smaller mesh size on those tubes or a different method (such as Patch Independent instead of default or Patch Conforming.)

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