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Mansureh October 9, 2010 10:27

urgent : solid bodies in a cylinder
Hi every body
I'm trying to simulate the flow field in a cylinder, containing some spherical solid bodies with a random arrangement . can anybody tell me what will be the true strategy for creating the geometry?

1. subtracting the volume of spheres from the volume of the cylinder that results to a mesh with high skewness

2. meshing entire of the cylinder , considering the spheres as solid domain and meshing them separately, i tried it , but after postprocessing, I saw the fluid passes through the inside of solid bodies whereas the fluid should pass over the spheres.

if none of them is the true, so what will be the true way for creating and meshing the geometry that result to a true flow field?

kind regards

raghav October 9, 2010 11:04

Try defining the Boundary Condition for spheres as "wall".

Mansureh October 9, 2010 14:28

thanks for reply.
I know, but nonetheless the flow passes through the spheres, because the cylinder have mesh elements inside the spheres.

raghav October 9, 2010 18:31

I am facing the above problem while i import the mesh to CFX after meshing my geometry using OCTREE.

You may try Blocking the whole geometry and then remove the blocks inside the spheres. This way of doing might help.

Mansureh October 10, 2010 16:04

hi raghav
how can i do the blocking in the fluent?

-mAx- October 11, 2010 02:56

follow your first point (substracting bodies from the cylinder).
Then you need to find what is causing high skewness.

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