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vmlxb6 October 9, 2010 22:02

Structured meshing of a cylinder in ICEM
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My geometry is a simple one (see attached file). I need to monitor the flow over a cylinder and also its displacement due to the vortex being shed from the surface. I need to implement structured meshing hexa O-grid mesh. I am facing problems in blocking. Can anyone help me out with this ?????
Thank you.

dst October 11, 2010 05:30

Hello vmlxb6,

Originally Posted by vmlxb6 (Post 278553)
...monitor the flow over a cylinder and also its displacement..

So you want to have a transient simulation with a cylinder moving with some law (or resisting the flow with some force) from the current position to one of the walls. Am I correct?


vmlxb6 October 11, 2010 08:25

@ dst
Yes ur correct !!!!!!! I have to monitor the displacement of the cylinder in the vertical direction... but the problem am facing is of negative volume and skewed elements while my mesh begins to move......After a iterations my solver quits !!!!!! I used to use tetrahedral meshes but now am trying structured hexa meshing.......Hope this works.......If not then I'll have to jump on to a hybrid mesh.


PSYMN October 19, 2010 13:58

Pic worth a thousand words...
Is the problem with the mesh morphing or with the structured mesh?

Maybe show an image (zoomed in enough to be useful) of the mesh before morphing and after.

Then we can help.

vmlxb6 October 19, 2010 16:45

The problem is not the mesh. After about 12 iterations the displacement is drastic and I get negative volume errors. So This is an old post and I thought that the problem was with unstructured mesh. But thats not the case !!!!!!!

Thanx !!!

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