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Ali_M October 11, 2010 23:06

2-D Geometry/Mesh Generation
I am trying to analyze the flow properties over a 2-D wedge in a supersonic stream using Fluent, but I'm very new to the Ansys CFD package and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to create a 2D geometry and mesh. I have Ansys WorkBench 12.1 and most of the tutorials and online articles I've read on it so far all deal with 3-D geometries. I'm trying to analyze the flow over a wedge to get a feel for how to use Fluent because my ultimate goal is to upload a 2-D supersonic nozzle geometry I've created into Fluent and analyze its characteristics. If you guys could recommend me some tutorials and/or articles that would help me figure this out, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Ali_M October 12, 2010 10:03

I managed to make a 2-D surface of a rectangle with a wedge cut out at the bottom right in the Ansys DesignModeler. I made this into one body with two parts, one for farfield and one for over the wedge. When I imported this geometry in the Mesher, I was able to mesh each part differently, however, there is some error in my mesh as it won't let me save properly (when I save, that green check mark doesn't appear next to the Mesh button in the Project Manager). Also, I'm not sure on how to assign a fluid boundary and a solid boundary (i.e. label the wedge surface as a wall and the rest of the boundaries as fluid). If anyone can help me with this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

PSYMN October 19, 2010 13:48

Boundary conditions are done with named selections... THere are lots of CFD-Online posts about this.

You probably just need the region around the wedge, not the wedge its self...

If you want the wedge for CHT or something, you should probably join it with the FF by creating a multi body part... You will find lots of posts about how/why to do that also.

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