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j0hn04 October 13, 2010 00:03

2d 1/2 axisymmetric annulus for POLYFLOW
When trying to import my meshed 2d annulus into polyflow, the axis of symmetry I want to use (meshed edge that runs along the r=0 line in cylindrical coordinates) is not attached to the face that represents half of the annulus. POLYFLOW does not want to recognize any boundary set (in this case, the meshed edge that I want to use as the axis of symmetry) that is not directly attached to the subdomain (in this case a single rectangular face representing half of the annulus). How can I successfully define the axis of symmetry for this simple case for use in POLYFLOW?

j0hn04 October 13, 2010 15:24

Was in contact with ANSYS as well....they told me that for POLYFLOW, the axis of symmetry should be defined along the Y-axis in Gambit...I don't think that was in any of the manuals. Also, according to the POLYFLOW manual, for axisymmetric models, POLYFLOW automatically applies r=0 as the axis of symmetry. So, I suppose there is no need to specify further as I was trying to do.

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