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xyq102296 October 17, 2010 07:34

ICEM meshing problem
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I am new to ICEM CFD meshing, what I want to do is really simple, my model is 1980mm*75mm*5mm, which is long but small area on two sides(see attachment) I have tried cfx-mesh, but use tretra , there are too many elements in the body, because I want at least 20 nodes on the 5mm length.
So now I tried to use hex meshing in the ICEM CFD, but it turns out my meshing is wrong.
first I imported my model to ICEM, blocking it, set different blocks to cut the useless blocks.
Then associate all the edges to curves , move some vertex , set the global meshing, and premesh
refined the nodes on the 5mm length, premesh again
converted it to unstruct and choose ANSYS cfx solver and output as a cfx5 file.
THen in workbench , i just did what i used to did after the workbench cfx mesh,, like adding boundary and run it. But after I imported cfx5 mesh and run , in post processing, the result is wrong, and even sometimes , solver told me errors
who can help me?

PSYMN October 19, 2010 13:11

More info, maybe some pics?
With no real info about your mesh or the errors, it is hard to help.

PSYMN October 27, 2010 15:59

Tested and it all looked OK.
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Ok, I took a look at your files.

You didn't associate the back edges... (note they are showing as black nodes here instead of green, this is with the mesh display option "as dots" on.)
Attachment 5129

But that shouldn't stop you.

So I went to CFX and imported the CFX5 file... I had no problems there either.

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You didn't give me enough info to reproduce the rest of the test in order to get your error messages, etc.

Perhaps you should get some screen shots with the errors in CFX and post your question on the solver thread. It is probably not a mesh question...

UNLESS... Are you meaning to do a near 2D mesh? In that case, CFX users generally just do a single element thru the thickness. Or better yet, do it as a 2D model and then output in the fluent format. When CFX imports FLuent 2D mesh it automatically extrudes it...

PSYMN October 27, 2010 16:04

One other thought... There were some Chinese characters in the file path name... I replaced those with English characters because they messed up the project a bit... There is a slim chance that those characters are the problem. Try again with English letters just to be sure.

xyq102296 October 28, 2010 01:59

one quick question, we don't have inflation layers to add in ICEM right? How to accurately control or calculate the wall condition?

PSYMN October 28, 2010 09:35


Of course ICEM CFD has inflation layers... In unstructured Tetra, you would insert prism. For MultiBlock Hexa, you would put in an OGrid... There are tonnes of posts about this, but you should probably pull out a tutorial to learn the basics of how to apply it.

Once you know how, it is easy and automated.


xyq102296 October 28, 2010 10:09

ok, I will try to find tutorials about inflation layers.
I have sent you the .cfx, can my model run correctly on your pc?

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