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pradeepmash October 17, 2010 22:56

Need some basic information for using Ansys Design Modeler

I am a new member over here. I have just started working on ANSYS 12.1 for my research work. I have created a few geometries using "Ansys Design Modeler". Now, I am facing problem in creating some small feature like through-holes on a wall etc. For example if I want to create a hole on a wall what I need is the radius of the hole and its location. Is there anyway that I can specify the coordinates of the center of the hole (x,y,z) and it will create the hole at the desired location?? Its difficult to look at the screen to find the appropriate point which is going to be the center of the hole.

Another way is creating the hole at a random place on the wall and then adjusting the location afterward. I have tried this, created holes on random locations, but I am not able to move the holes to a different location. Please guide me how to do it. It may sound a very simple problem but I do not have strong ANSYS knowledge as I am just a beginner.

Thank you.


PSYMN October 19, 2010 13:16


1) start with a sketch plane... Maybe on the surface you want to drill a hole in, or maybe in one of the primary planes.

2) Draw a circle in roughly the right place

3) Under sketch, go to the "dimension" section, and dimension the radius, the horizontal distance from some edge or axis and the vertical distance from some edge or axis.

4) Edit the parameters (R1, H1, V1) to give the right measurements.

5) Extrude the sketch using the option to remove material, etc.

pradeepmash October 22, 2010 00:22

Thank you
Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for a quick and informative reply. With your suggestion I was able to cut holes at the appropriate locations.

I wasn't expecting such a quick reply as this was the first time when I used this forum but I found it useful.

Thanks again :)


PSYMN October 24, 2010 16:01

I don't always have time for such a quick response, especially lately, but some times you get lucky...

Glad you are going again.


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