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atturh November 1, 2010 13:53

license error or am i doing something wrong
i am trying to export a basic geometry mesh to plot3d format.It is a rectange with a structured mesh.

i click on output and select solver to "Plot3d".

Output solver : "Plot3d"
Common solver as- Ansys.
click on boundary conditions and click apply as i am writing my bc's in the solver.
go to write file and choose "all domains" when it as to select the domains.
then i choose the multiblock file which i created.
it then gives me plot3d options. i choose binary (bcos i want in ASCII format) and for the include "IBLANK" array i choose "NO".

and then when i click "DONE" , it gives me the error -"Error: failed to get ansys license :10149:return code1,Feature ICEM_OUT_CFD does not exist in the ANSYSLI pool."

so is this a problem with the license or am i doing a mistake.

i am a first time user of ICEM so please bare with me if this is a silly mistake.

Thanks in advance.

PSYMN November 2, 2010 13:40

It is just looking for a license key you don't have.
Nope, not silly. But older versions of the CGNS export did require a license. (That key has always come included with the ICEM CFD full version)

It doesn't require a license anymore at 13.0, so you could probably get a free aioutcfd key if you tell your friendly sales guy to talk to me. Or you could just get the 13.0 CGNS output interface... It will be released on Nov 18th, 2010.


atturh November 2, 2010 16:13

thanks for the quick reply, its uni pc, and its got an academic version of ICEM .so i guess il have to let the department know :)

ibCFD December 2, 2010 16:11


We have aa_r_cfd and the aa_t_i licenses but we don't have the aioutcfd feature. Our ICEM CFD version is 12.1. How can we get this feature or contact you?


PSYMN January 30, 2011 19:24

Sorry, I know the 3rd party outputs come with the "Academic Meshing" product, but I am not really very familiar with some of the other bundles or what keys are associated with what. There is a capabilities chart on the web if you wanted to check it out... Or you could call tech support.

Either way, we have removed the need for licensing for a few key output formats, including CGNS. All you need to do is upgrade to version 13.0.

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