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mpb November 12, 2010 16:48

How to call ICEM by Fortran?
Hello there, does anybody know how to call ICEM by Fortran (for example in an iterative procedure)

PSYMN November 14, 2010 22:25

icemcfd -script scriptname.tcl
From the command prompt, you can type "ICEMCFD". Or you can run the icemcfd.bat file located in the ICEMCFD folder...

If you want to run a script, you would type...

icemcfd -script scriptname.tcl

If you wanted to run it in batch,

icemcfd -batch scriptname.tcl

Hope that is what you were looking for, if not, please be more specific.


mpb November 15, 2010 21:28

Thank you.
Can I get the ICEM script or batch file from my mesh file?

PSYMN November 16, 2010 15:57

.rpl or .jrf
No, the mesh file contains the coordinates of the mesh, not the instructions to make it... However, you can create a replay file (*.rpl) or journal file (*.jrf) while meshing your geometry... And that can be run as a script file.

CFD-1987 June 18, 2012 16:19

Hi to everyone! I have some questions as well on this subject cause i have to do the same thing. If we want to save a journal file how can we do it????To call the replay file and ICEM to run with Fortran we have to write the commands in the editor, kate for example?or we have to download a specific editor for tcl????
Can i find somewhere any examples of such fortran codes????

Thanks in advance

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