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sangrampp November 17, 2010 07:57

wedge mesh with Y-block gives large aspect ratio perpendicular to axis
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Hello guys,
i am having a problem with meshing a wedge component. basically the component is two concentric cylinders - one very small (100 orders of magnitude smaller than the other) and other bigger surrounding it (setup as 30 degree periodic). i have setup two blocks each for the two cylinders - both the blocks are concentric since the cylinders are so. the problem starts when i mesh them the elements in the bigger cylinder are larger than those in smaller block and hence when i mesh the axial edges the elements in the smaller block get very large aspect ratios and if i mesh to take care of the smaller elements the large elements get large aspect ratios (around 0.003 and less). i am targeting aspect ratio >0.3.
can anyone please tell me how to go about doing this such that the axial element aspect ratio is same for smaller elements and larger elements.

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