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EphemeralMemory November 18, 2010 01:32

Ansys ICEM: export volume mesh to .msh?
Hey, all, I have a quick question:

Can Ansys 12.1 ICEM export volumetric meshes to .msh files?

Thanks for reading

johnp November 18, 2010 17:17

i believe the answer is "yes".

PSYMN November 19, 2010 17:45

Yes, of course.

Go to the output tab and you will find about 100 formats to choose from. Look for FluentV6.

I guess we should rename that output format to just "ANSYS FLUENT" at some point.

You will have options for Binary or ASCII, etc.


EphemeralMemory November 20, 2010 22:22

Yes, thanks for replying. I got it to work, but the encoding on the file doesn't look like any encoding I've ever seen. It has characters and logical nonsense... the numbers depicting coordinates and face values is nonexistent?

Is there a way to export this to a conventional msh file? Or at least some encoding method I can employ to export this to a normal msh file? Sorry to bother you about this, but part of what I do post-ansys is put this mesh file into my own source code, where I can generate vasculature and solve for blood pressure, etc.

I tried running this in the source code I developed and hit a wall.

Thanks again for reading

EphemeralMemory November 20, 2010 23:54

Wait, never mind, I just accdentally hit binary encoding.

It works perfectly, thanks to all for your excellent help!

MohammadReza April 2, 2014 03:26

would you mind explain "how can I export my mesh to the *.msh file in ICEM-CFD" in details?

Kind Regards

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