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MDinc November 23, 2010 18:39

URGENT!!! "Import from GAMBIT to ANSYS-12.1 (Design Modeler/Geometry)"
Hi Everyone,

I have very urgent question. I have 3D models that I created in GAMBIT 2.4 version as .dbs file.

My question is: how can I import these 3D GAMBIT models (.dbs) to ANSYS-12.1 (Design Modeler/Geometry) to be able to do some changes in the model geometries (adding some parts, deleteting some parts...etc) before start calculations in FLUENT? I tried to export .dbs file as .IGES, .STEP, .ACIS, .PARASOLID in GAMBIT. However, converting the files into different file types did not work to be able open in ANSYS-12.1 (design modeler)?

Thus, could you give me some advice in order to use my GAMBIT (.dbs) files in new ANSYS-12.1?


sac November 24, 2010 09:02

At v13.0 there is a dbs reader.

However by the sounds of it, since iges and step formats have not worked, you have virtual geometry in the model. If this is the case the v13.0 reader will not help with this either.

PSYMN November 24, 2010 11:14

virtual or user error?
At 12.1, your best bet was ACIS. At 13.0, you can read in the Gambit Geometry directly.

As sac says, both methods only bring in the real geometry, not the virtual stuff...

However, you have not been clear on your description of the failure or the error you are seeing. It could still just be user error. Can you post an image of the model in Gambit and another of the model (or messages) when you try to import the ACIS into 12.1 (or dbs in 13.0 if you have it)?

MDinc November 24, 2010 14:41

You are right about the reason of the error. When I try to export files, I could see the error message in GAMBIT:

"WARN: Nonreal geometry will not be exported
ERROR: Unable to start Inter0p translator. Translator is not installed or corrupt"

Although I could not figure out what the exact "ERROR" message means that I mentioned above, the issue might related to ''virtual geometry'' that my 3D model include some virtual parts.

Actually, I could only import .ACIS file in Design Modeler (This method the only one that works). However, there might be some missing parts in the geomety while exporting in GAMBIT (for instance: I cannot see the main 3D truck body in DM although I can see boundary faces, domain, some other truck bodies).


PSYMN November 24, 2010 18:29

I think that confirms sac's theory that you just have too much virtual geometry...


You may need to recreate the geometry in DM if you want to use that for your next analysis.

MDinc November 24, 2010 19:00

I will try to convert virtual geometries to real geometries. If it does not work, sounds bad but I may need to create the domain again as you also mentioned.

Because, I have almost 15 different 3D truck models. The main body is same (truck) but different modifications (airfoil, deflector, side vanes...etc.) makes the differences for all 3D models. Thus, I hope I could figure out the issue without need of creation the geometries again.


kdrbrk November 26, 2010 04:09

I have better conrtol of meshing in gambit than ansys mesher, so I do meshings in gambit.
is there a way to import a gambit mesh (.msh) to ansys 12.1 workbench?

PSYMN November 26, 2010 19:03

Gambit Migration...

My understanding is that the Gambit Mesh file really contains instructions for Gambit to generate the mesh. It does not actually contain the mesh its self (*.msh is the fluent mesh file that actually contains the mesh).

So, no, I don't think there is anyway to read the Gambit Mesh into Workbench.

Like it or not, Gambit is fading. So you really have two go forward mesh generation choices (within the ANSYS world anyway). ANSYS Meshing is intended to be easier to use, (and when combined with Design Modeler, the ANSYS geometry tool), it should take care of most Gambit users, especially those who want Tetra Prism meshes. But yes, the ANSYS Meshing methods are more automated and some Gambit users may feel that they have lost some control. The high end option is to go up to ANSYS ICEM CFD (the ANSYS Extended Meshing solution), which has a lot more control than Gambit, but as a consequence, has a steeper learning curve.

Most gambit users, especially those hard core Gambit users generating Hexa meshes, that I have shown ICEM CFD Hexa to are very impressed with the level of control, as well as the many other advantages over Gambit.

I recommend you check it out.

kdrbrk November 27, 2010 04:09

I think it is some kind of psychologic thing :)
If I see every detail step by step (in gambit), I feel more comfortable that I have the control.
But in ansys, I define every detail in once, and ansys automatically does them. I don't see the steps, I see just the result. I think thats why I feel more comfortable with gambit, although ansys mesher is more practical.

But you are right, I have to get used to ansys mesher anyway :)

PSYMN November 27, 2010 11:54

paradigm shift...
Yup, changing mental gears is tough... And the shift from Gambit to ANSYS Meshing definitely requires a paradigm shift...

Good luck with that... ;)

Let us know how it goes and how you feel about the final mesh results (outside of the process).

pedrin84 June 4, 2011 14:12

Hi, I'm working with Ansys Workbench 12.0 design modeler, building geometries there. But I need to export these geometries to Gambit 2.4.6 for the meshing y to make a multiblock grid and then export the mesh to ansys fluent 12.0. is this possible?. can I to install Ansys gambit 2.4.6 with the ANSYS 12.0 12.0 together?

PSYMN June 6, 2011 11:05

Gambit with ANSYS FLUENT...
Yes, the would treat each-other as friends (not family). They need different license mangers, different installs, etc.

However, DM can write out a parasolid or iges file for Gambit to pick up...

Then Gambit would output a Fluent *.msh file that ANSYS Fluent 12.0 could pick up...

No problem.

But is there a reason you don't just want to mesh in ANSYS Meshing? Have you tried it? We are interested to know what gaps are preventing you from moving over.

pedrin84 June 6, 2011 17:16

Thanks you very much. Greetingsˇˇ

hhh September 13, 2012 09:26

Gambit Geomentry Problem
3 Attachment(s)
Dear friends,
i am using gambit to draw my 3D wing,i create outer domain, the problem i face is my wing face & domain face are intersect i want to stick my wing face in one of the face for that how i tilt either my wing or my plane(face) to make a cantilever beam, please see my attached wing( in that red color shows wing face1, I want to stick face 1 to face2 like cantilever beam, then i want subtract my face 2 to face 1, please see the attached various position of image, please help me

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