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ashtonJ November 28, 2010 00:02

Produce geometry from points
Dear All

I have a three dimensional asymmetric pipe. This pipe is made of many individual points whose coordinate are definite. I want to create this geometry in Ansys workbench. Is there any possibility in workbench that the coordinates of point with *.xls or*.txt format are read and then the geometry created.


PSYMN November 28, 2010 19:33

Yes, it is definitely possible to read in a file of XYZ points and it is possible to create coordinate systems at those points, and then sketches from those, then you could connect everything together using loft or something like that...

Perhaps someone else can give you more specific steps...

ashtonJ November 28, 2010 19:36


Thanks for your kind help. Could you please guide me how or introduce some references to help me.


luai November 29, 2010 07:33

yes you can but you must write you text file like this:

# Group 1
1 1 20.1234 25.4321 30.5678
1 2 25.2468 30.1357 35.1928
1 3 15.5555 16.6666 17.7777

#Group 2
2 1 50.0101 100.2021 7.1515
2 2 -22.3456 .8765 -.9876
2 3 21.1234 22.4321 23.5678

you can made them in one group it's up to you

then open DesignModeler and click on creat pointsvin the Details view click Coordinate File and choose your txt file

hope it's good for you.

ashtonJ November 29, 2010 19:36

Dear Luai

Thank you very much for your kind help. I did all you mentioned but Design Modeller is faced with an error shown below:

"Failed to create points, probably due to feature dimensions Context: point Feature Point1"

Please let me know what the problem is.


luai November 30, 2010 16:27

Hi ashtonJ

I'm not so sure if I can help you with that , but if you write down the parametric i will try to understand what's the problem

try to rewrite the parametric as a txt format from the beginning maybe there was some thing wrong at the first time


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