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keccossj4 November 29, 2010 14:09

ANSA problem with PID visual.
Hi, I'm an Italian student and i'm starting to use ANSA.
I have a problem with the visibility.

I'm trying to complete an ANSA tutorial, but when i have to work in PID Visibility i can see only coloured edges; all the faces are black.
Can you help me? This happens only in TOPO settings, not in MESH or MORPHING or other

Thank you

PS: I use ANSA v.13.0.2

elmorem November 29, 2010 15:19

What happens when you reset your user preferences?

That being said, you can use a different view mode to get the job done.

keccossj4 November 30, 2010 06:21

i don' know how to reset my preferences.

And i know i can do the work in an other view type but i want to resolve this proplem because every time i open a file in PID mode i see all faces painted in black. i have to work with so much pid in my project and i need to see the diferences displayed by colours. Thank you

vangelis December 3, 2010 06:50

What platform are you running ANSA on?

Have you tried updating your graphics card driver?

Have you tried later ANSA versions, like v13.0.5 or v13.1.0?

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