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Brian_P November 29, 2010 16:08

periodic BC
Hello all,

I have a periodic BC in workbench mesher, but fluent does not recognize.

Any suggestions?



PSYMN December 1, 2010 14:23

In ANSYS Meshing, the boco means that your mesh is generated with periodic nodes...

However, once you get to the solver, you may still need to setup your bocos (inlet, outlet, periodic, symmetry, etc.) It does not happen automatically.

If I have mis-understood the question, please try again...

In the mean time...

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Brian_P December 1, 2010 15:31

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Hi Simon,

You have helped me in the past and its greatly appreciated. Originally I tried to mesh this in ICEM but I couldn't get the blocking to workout. So I moved to workbench. From images you can see BC is accepted and mesh generated in WB, but then fluent doenst recongnize and I dont have the option to call Periodic. Also I have matched meshed the periodic faces and inserted a cylindrical coord system.



PSYMN December 1, 2010 18:04

In fluent, you are just looking at the name of the periodic boundary... What happens if you click edit?

Brian_P December 3, 2010 00:53

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When I try to edit that BC I am given no options.



Anamurlu December 9, 2010 05:56


You just have to specify that these zones are periodic (in FLUENT):
You write :
then modify-zones
then make-periodic
enter zones ID, and answer yes to the questions.
Do not forget to specify a cylindrical coordinates system during building your mesh.

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