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TDi November 29, 2010 16:44

rename face created with "face split" in journal file
I am trying to automate the creation of geometry and mesh using a journal file. When creating a new face, I can assign a name to the new face:

face create "newface" wireframe "edge1" "edge2" "edge3"
However, when I create a new face with the split command, I don't see how to name the new face, which is problematic for using it later, since it gets a new name like "face.14" depending on the session history. I'm trying hard to avoid magic numbers in the journal file. Thus

face split "face_to_split" edges "edge_to_split_by"

Created: face.7
Created: edge.41

Can anyone tell me how to write the names of the new entities into the journal?

djoul March 1, 2011 19:04

I am facing the same issue, Any solutions so far?

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