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bigmoneylou December 9, 2010 18:34

Exporting surfaces inside the control volume (interior)
Hi everybody.

I tried to define surfaces inside my control volume in order to get the velocity and the mass flow true those when I post process the data. I did this with Ansys workbench (design modeler) . Everything works fine until I open fluent, I have the following message:skipping zone... (not referenced by grid). So the surfaces are not loaded. My goal was to define those surfaces as interior.

If you have any ideas it would be great, those surfaces have very complex shapes so I cannot generate them with planes with any post processing software.



PSYMN January 8, 2011 17:16

I think this means you have a zone (named selection of geometry), but no mesh formed in that named selection... Once you get to fluent, it compares the list of bocos with the actual mesh and can't find a mesh for that boco.

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