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hennas December 14, 2010 03:34

mesh generation for in-cylinder fluent simulation
I was wondering whether anyone can provide me with some general advice on the best approach for creating a mesh to use for a dynamic engine cylinder simulation. I know I need to use a dynamic mesh, but it is not really clear where I do this.. Do I just create a normal mesh using design modler and meshing and then define the cell layering, sliding interfaces, and remeshing in fluent afterwards - or must I do something special in meshing? And, does the inlet valve need to be defined as some sort of body, or just a void in the mesh?

I am trying to do this in 3D, partly because I will be needing to go 3D eventually anyway, but also because I have no idea how you would create a 2D mesh - does anyone know of any 2D meshing tutorials for the Ansys (11) meshing application.


PSYMN December 21, 2010 13:46

ANSYS does have a vertical application for this called "IC3M" (in cylinder moving mesh model)

It automates the setup and meshing process by asking for things like which parts are the valves and what are the valve lift profiles, etc.

I have not been involved with it for some time and I know they are refactoring it (so what I know is out of date), but it is worth a look rather than re-inventing the wheel or setting everything up manually.

Best regards,


kaparzo-shb May 31, 2011 15:08

Help !
I am preparing a job in the si cylinder but i don't have the 3d geometry for simulate them in fluent
i can't found it any were.
please if you can help !

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