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saisanthoshm88 December 25, 2010 09:06

Merging the blocks in ICEM
I need to generate a pure Hex mesh for a Heat oven in ICEM CFD. The geometry was given as 4 different parts in 4 files which if merged (or) assembled would take the shape of the oven as a whole.

Each individual part isn't a closed volume by itself a closed volume can be seen only when all these parts are assembled together.

The approach I've chosen to mesh such geometry is to generate a 2D blocking to each part first and then finally merge all the parts and also the respective 2D blocks and then to change these 2D blocks to 3D blocks by using the 2D to 3D option in create block and also to eventually define a single material point which represents the fluid ( Air ) in the oven.

Some one Please provide the following clarifications:

1. Am I fully correct in choosing such approach.

2. If I have to apply this approach then is it OK to generate any O-grids
for the 2D blocks and then eventually convert such 2D blocks ( with
O-grids) to 3D blocks (or) is it advised to generate the O-grids only
when the 3D blocks are ready.

A Happy New year in advance.

PSYMN December 27, 2010 11:14

It would depend on the geometry... Usually, I would start by assembling the model (load all the geometry files at once and then use Geometry => Repair => Build Diagnostic Topology). Then I would probably to a top down 3D Blocking... (split, delete, associate, etc. as shown in the tutorials)

If I did decide to go with a 2D to 3D approach, I would still join all the geometry together before creating the 2D surface blocking. (although your method should work in theory, it just seems like it involves additional steps).

Yes, with 2D to 3D, you can generate Ogrid within these new blocks. But this is an area that got lots of development work the past few releases, so try to get the newest version that you can (R13 would be best). If you are using 11.0, this was all very new and had many bugs and limitations.

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