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saisanthoshm88 December 28, 2010 07:46

Problem with the Split Face Option
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I have a problem while working with the Split Face option in ICEM CFD and the attached document describes my problem with illustrative images

Please suggest ways of overcoming the problem.

PSYMN December 29, 2010 23:23

Index control is not keeping up.
Hello, the problem is just the index display not keeping up with your face splits... I just put in a bug report on your behalf.

But in the mean time, the work around is simple.

Just right click on the blocking branch of the tree and select index control. (or if you are on the blocking tab, just move the mouse cursor into the screen and hit the "i" hotkey on your keyboard.) This will bring up the index control in the lower right corner.

The index control is very useful for ICEM CFD Hexa. It lets you control how much blocking is active. This is good for reducing screen clutter, but it is critical for limiting how far various operations like split or redistribute Ogrid edges can go. Hexa Experts use this all the time... In your case, if you split a face once, all is fine (behind the scenes the index control is one off, but only the Vorfn region is affected so you don't notice). However, if you split that face a second time, the index control is now two splits behind and part of your blocking appears to vanish.

The workaround is to hit the "Reset" button in the Index Control window.

PSYMN December 29, 2010 23:26

Block splits?
One more quick thought... I hardly ever use face splits (which is probably why this bug you found was not fixed sooner). Are you sure you need to use it?

Most often, a block split is more robust than a face split because it exposes all the "implied splits". If you do face splits on this side, and then later do face splits on another parallel face, you may have issues as it tries to connect all the hidden implied splits. Things may not go the way you expect and the mesh will follow. Most experts find that it is just more straight forward to use block splits... :cool:

PSYMN January 12, 2011 18:05

This was entered into our defect database and has been fixed for all known areas of the code... Thanks to Sai for making us aware of the defect and to Jari for fixing it).

The fix is in v14.0 Preview 2 or later.

In the mean time, the work around is just to reset the index control.

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