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Muhammd Fikri December 31, 2010 00:29

Creating the sea water basin domain (begginner)
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i would like to get help for this problems.

a basic step should be fine, im a beginner.

please do help me.

the problems is as attached, i want to reproduce the mesh for this problem(figure below)

PSYMN December 31, 2010 13:00

ANSYS Meshing instructions.
That is just a rectangular box... Pretty much the easiest thing to mesh... I am sure someone can tell you how to do it in Gambit...

But I would suggest that you try ANSYS Meshing instead. Gambit is older tech that has really been sunset (no further development and limited support). If you already knew Gambit, then great, continue to use it, but there is no point learning it at this time.

For ANSYS Meshing, you would just create a box the size you want in DM or any other CAD tool, then import it into ANSYS Meshing.

Once inside, right click on the mesh branch to insert sizing. Create an edge sizing on each of the 3 main directions to get the distributions you want and then right click on "mesh" to generate mesh.

It should give you pure hexa by default, but if it doesn't, you can just right click again on the mesh branch to insert method and choose "sweep" or "MultiZone" to force it to map.

Don't forget to right click on a face to create a named selection for each boco...

Muhammd Fikri December 31, 2010 13:23

dear simon,
thank you very much. :)
happy new year.


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