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shankar1221989 January 4, 2011 03:51

Prism layer in ICEMCFD
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Hey hi,

I am new to ICEMCFD but familiar to Gambit/TGrid.

I am trying to replicate the same meshing strategy that i followed in Gambit in ICEMCFD. But I am facing a few issues.

1. In gambit, the boundary layer cells i.e. the prism cells are rounded off along the trailing edge vertex i.e. the fineness along the boundary layer is not allowed to propagate till the far-field. Do we have a similar option in ICEMCFD?

PSYMN January 8, 2011 16:03

Those are just different topologies...

The ICEM CFD mesh is using a CGRID topology.

The Gambit mesh is using (sortof) an Ogrid topology.

You can generate an OGrid topology for the airfoil in ICEM CFD hexa. It is actually one step LESS than was needed to generate the CGrid (Don't select a side edge).

See the 1 of 3 of my series on this...

I would say that a CGrid would be much better for most situations, especially if the trailing edge is very thin or sharp.

Both meshes need improvement, but I would say the ICEM CFD one has the better topology.

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