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EphemeralMemory January 6, 2011 16:14

Editing Volumetric Mesh Density Help
Hey, all, thanks for reading this.

I have a question about volumetric meshing, in particular, when you create one from an unstructured domain, how can you determine the density of the interior elements so that the quality of the interior shell is ensured its highest quality? I am meshing the CFD space within the spinal cord, and the default volumetric element size is too coarse, and un-exportable into Fluent.

Thanks for your help

PSYMN January 7, 2011 18:21

There are several ways... What mesher are you using?

In ICEM CFD, you could set the max size (global setting), or you could create density regions which let you set a max size within a particular volumetric region.

EphemeralMemory January 7, 2011 18:32

Thanks for your post.

I use ICEM CFD: Before, when I used to use Gambit you can subdivide a surface face into regions, each becoming a vertex for a volumetric tetrahedron. I found that you can't do that in Ansys.

So, you have to do it through sizing? Every time I begin to mesh, it asks me to autosize the mesh. How can I manipulate this so I get as fine an interior mesh as possible?

Thanks for your help

PSYMN January 8, 2011 15:18

Body of Influence
In ANSYS Meshing you can go into sizing and create a sphere of influence which centers on an LCS (Create the LCS first so you can select it)... I usually end up stringing several spheres together to create the shape that I want to refine...

Or you can create a body of influence which expects you to select a body... The sides of the body are not capture, it is just used to control the refinement in the volume. It is actually quite powerful because the body of influence can be any shape that you might need.

Look up these terms in the help to get more info...

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