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smn January 9, 2011 06:09

ANSYS Workbench ,geometry problem
i want to simulate a shell sphere and find stress and strain through it. a "pressure" of 20mmHg is applied to the inner surface of sphere and "fixed support" must be applied to the center point of sphere to prevent its moving.
my difficulty is about assigning the center point in the geometry modeling.(inside of shell where there is no material)
can anyone help me?
thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

PSYMN January 10, 2011 15:15

I don't have the exact answer you were looking for (maybe someone else will), but I can suggest that you cut the model in half (or even smaller slices). If you apply symmetry or periodic boundary conditions, the result should be the same, but it will solve faster and you will have geometry running thru the center point that you can fix...

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