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acoustica January 10, 2011 20:49

Automatic meshing
Hallo everybody,
I am doing one problem regarding automatic shape optimisation with open source DAKOTA, and coupling CFX for cfd calculations and icemcfd for
mesh generation. i successfully managed the automatic grid generation for unstructured grid. now i want do it for block structured mesh .i did the blocking for single geom , when i change the geometry slightly and try to associate the blocking by using replay script its not associating then i have to associate the edges manually. does any one have idea how to write Tcl/Tk code for mesh generation in icemcfd. ? please help me regarding this!!

PSYMN January 11, 2011 12:20

Are your entity names staying the same (parametric geometry)
The blocking script has lines that associate a particular edge with a particular curve... By name.

Therefore, your geometry updates only work with the script if these names stay the same. IGES files do not preserve the names, but CAD interfaces and some other 3rd party formats do.

First, make sure your names are consistent between changes. Also, watch the three part series on the airfoil that I put on youtube. Yes, it may not match your geoemtry, but it does deal with scripting Hexa... In your case, you will have a real imported geometry, but the principle is the same.

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