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tetraedro January 11, 2011 05:50

CFX- mesh in ANSYS 13
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Hi guys!
Someone knows if CFX-mesh is still available in ANSYS 13.0? in the version that I have installed there isn't neither in method (as you can see in the picture attached), neither in the algorithmes of the tetra method...

help me please!

siw January 11, 2011 11:21

It's gone in version 13. In version 12.1 a message appeared saying that it's recommeded to use patch conforming tetra as CFX-Mesh will be going in the future.

tetraedro January 12, 2011 03:47

but I saw that CFX-mesh is still available in that brochure:

how is it possible?

PSYMN January 12, 2011 17:09

SIW is right, 12.1 was the last version to include CFX Mesh, and even then it was not the recommended method. ANSYS Development (and the smart folks at GE who helped develop that mesher) concluded that the newer Tetra methods superseded it in speed, memory efficiency, robustness, control and even smoothness (which was its main advantage). At my last (unofficial) check (during 12.1), the Patch conforming method was 6 times faster for the same number of elements.

The fact that it remained in the brochure was just a marketing mistake :o. I have informed ANSYS Marketing and expect they will fix it as soon as possible.

siw January 13, 2011 03:07

I'd wished they had kept the CFX-Mesh Line/Point/Trangular Control though.

I don't like having to make the Body Of Influences in DesignModeller, espacially since I always use Solid Edge for my geometries. I think all these mesh related (not CAD related) features should be at the mesh generation stage, but they'll never return.

tetraedro January 13, 2011 03:21

but now I have another question: in CFX-mesh I could create some 2D-regions (for example, inlet, outlet, body etc...), and in CFX-pre I could define some boundary conditions on those regions.
And now? How can I proceed in ANSYS meshing?
Unfortunately I didn't find a tutorial that explain a procedure to create it in ANSYS 13.


siw January 13, 2011 07:50

Instead you need to use Named Selections.

PSYMN made a video about that recently and it's linked in a post somewhere here.

PSYMN January 13, 2011 14:34

Yes, I did make a short movie about this late last year, but never got it up to youtube... In the mean time, you can get it from here...

As for SIW's comment about mesh related geometry features being forever separated... I can't get into details yet, but things are coming back together in a way that you will probably like... Product management is listening and Development is working to make it happen. These things just take time to do right.

(I moved the movie to youtube and removed it from my FTP... See the next post.)

PSYMN January 13, 2011 15:14

Named Selections...
Named selections are the key to boundary conditions in Workbench... And here it is on Youtube...

I will probably take down the FTP file soon...

tetraedro January 18, 2011 04:18

Thank you so much! Your suggestions were very useful!
I have another question: how can I run a serie of cases in CFX-solver automatically? for example, if I have 3 .def files, can I run them in sequence, without being at my pc?

PSYMN January 19, 2011 10:27

Yes, in WB you can setup a series of runs (design points) in the parameter set bar. Or you could use DesignXplorer to create a DOE and then run thru it. The advantage of DX is that you can post process to really explore your parameters and see sensitivities, correlations, etc. You can also run goal driven optimization or six sigma analysis.

On the simpler end, I would guess that there is a way to just get stand alone CFX to step thru a series of solves, but maybe that question would be be best asked on the CFX users forum.

nsakib520 October 5, 2012 01:32

Mesh refinement in CFX method

i used ANSYS 12 upto august 2012, as it was available in my lab. Suddenly they have upgraded to ANSYS 14 & i find that CFX MESH method is no longer in the Mesh methods.

I have one question; i use the feature of MESH REFINEMENT with line control creating a control sphere within which i could refine the mesh size... How can i do this now in workbench in Automatic method???


PSYMN October 5, 2012 09:20

Right click, insert size, change "type" to "Sphere of influence" and set up the other info.

For the sphere center, you need to setup an LCS.

Look up sphere of influence in the help for more details.

Also, there is such a thing as "body of influence". This allows you to select a body to control the refinement, even if the body is not actually treated as geometry... You could create this body in any shape that you need. Again, refer to the help doc for usage details.

nkme2007 October 10, 2012 05:55

Hello All,

I want to do analysis of heat transfer from water flowing through pipes submerged inside concrete. I am modelling in GAMBIT and wish to analyse it on Ansys FLUENT.

Can anybody help me out, how to model and simulate?

Does any tutorials exist?

Roza April 12, 2013 11:05

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Hello everyone,
Actually I am still using the CFX mesh and have a probleme with the meshing of a Half sphere inside a tube.
when I try to generate the msh it says that there are no boundry found as you can see on the picture below, and I can't seem to find a sollution so please can anyone help me find it ?
Thank you and have a nice day.

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