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sys999 January 16, 2011 15:11

Geometry distance between two points

unfortunately I have a big problem with the distance between two points.

For example I create these two points (0.1 0 0) and (0.4 0 0). When I'm now measuring the distance between them Icem shows me "0.30000000447034".

When I'm importing a geometry Icem changes the distances too.

My mesh should be very accurate.

Can anybody help me? Thx...

la7low January 16, 2011 22:57

micro mesh
Ive never made mesh for micro flows as probably this is your case (or almost), right?
but I think you should bother with settings/model in Icem and decrease the tolerances there. Maybe thats for just surfaces and will not help at all, but I am quite sure you need to change settings for such cases. I recommend you to look at the help about settings...and also the import settings if there are any about those..
Also, the measure distance tool (ruler icon) might take the point where you clicked at and not the actual coordinate of the point.

Funny though that even 1e-7 order of accuracy is not enough for you. How many cells do you want to squeeze on a 0.3 long edge?

sys999 January 17, 2011 05:12

I have to mesh a given geometry - a bladed disk - for a Modal FEA in Ansys. For that the mesh has to be rotationally symmetric.
I've thought the units in Icem are meters? Because the model I want to import is about 0,9 meters long.

la7low January 17, 2011 16:44

The units can be whatever in Icem, you will specify it later in the solver: e.g. Fluent-scale. Or maybe when you output the mesh to cerain formats, you can specify the unit of length you used for the geometry/mesh.

PSYMN January 17, 2011 18:44

You can always scale the model... Instead of working in meters or millimeters, you could work in nano meters, etc...

sys999 January 18, 2011 08:43

The point is that i need a accurate rotationally symmetric mesh.
If I mesh a disk in this way in ICEM and export it to Workbench (Fe Modeler -> Modal Analyses) the Eigenvalues aren't the same as in a perfect rotationally symmetric mesh which I can create in Ansys Mechanical.
Though the mesh created in Icem seems good to me...
That means that Icem makes a somehow imprecise mesh.

What's the reason for this?
Is it possible to make it perfectly rotationally symmetric in Icem?

picture of the disk:

PSYMN January 30, 2011 19:18

Interesting... I would like to investigate this further. Perhaps I can get your basic example file? I wonder if it matters how you got to FE modeler. What middle format did you use? Did you do the periodicity check in ICEM CFD?

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