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la7low January 17, 2011 11:18

exchange of parameter values between TurboGrid and DesignModeler in Workbench
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I declared parameters in TurboGrid and DesignModeler too. They appear in the parameters workspace in Ansys Workbench, so everything is fine. Now, how can I assign a DesignModeler parameter value with a TurboGrid parameter value? If I write its name in the so expression field it does not recognize it...see attached picture

The question could be more general how to exchange values of parameters between any Ansys components (can be DesignModeler, Fluent, CFX, Mechanical, TurboGrid etc.)?

Thanks for any help in advance!

PSYMN February 18, 2011 09:57

Use the Parameter ID, not name.
Maybe it could be more flexible... I will see what we can do.

In the mean time, you don't type in your name for the parameter (TT2), you type in the Parameter ID, (P11).

So, in your expression for P10 (aka BB), you should type in "P11".

The result will be that P11 will always have the same value as P10, and that P11 will be the source (as P11 changes, P10 will match it)

Best regards,


la7low February 21, 2011 16:12


yes with the Pxx name I can assign another parameter, but the frustrating things are the dimensions. DM parameters are dimensionless by default and can not be changed even with a script (tried that), while TurboGrid parameters will aways have a unit (dimension). So it is not that easy, but I solved that too by non-dimensionalising Turbogrid parameters.
So I wish parameters could be more flexible to assign and Pxx names are hard to follow as that can not be changed and Pxx is not an informative name. Also it would be nice if parameters coming from any program would all either be dimensionless or with dimension. These could have saved me some time and hassle...but anyway could find a way to circumvent these...

But thanks for the post and best regards,


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