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hm86 January 20, 2011 03:13

Periodic mesh and CGNS export
I have created a periodic mesh (90 degree sector) in ICEM Hexa v13.0, defined periodicity in the global setup, and added periodic vertices so that i now have all my periodic faces. I want to export the periodic faces in the CGNS format (v2.4 or higher) where periodicity is defined as an interface condition not a boundary condition. How do I do this?


PSYMN February 17, 2011 21:39

Sorry, coming soon.
Sorry, the current CGNS exposure does not support periodicity... It is in the list of CGNS items to fix for the next release.

venkat_aero2007 May 1, 2012 17:10

I am quite new to ICEM CFD software. I am trying to mesh a rotor. If you have any tutorial about meshing rotor, could you please send it to my email:

could you please tell me the strategy that you followed to mesh your rotor
thanks in advance for your information.

Far May 2, 2012 06:26

I have done few geometries with ICEM for rotating machinery e.g. axial compressor, cascade, centifugal compressor and radial turbine. If need some help, I can provide you the assistance in this regard.

venkat_aero2007 May 2, 2012 08:05

5 Attachment(s)
Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I am helpless and I was woried a lot about creating mesh for my contra rotating open blade (CROR blade). My CROR blade is twisted and backward swept( Figure1,2,3). I want to creat three block, First one for meshing front rotor, second one for mixing plane and third one for Rear rotor. I have to apply periodic boundary condition. In the front rotor I have 11 blades and in rear rotor i have 9 blades. I dont know how to start meshing. I created a retangular surface which srrounds my front rotor. Initially to get practice with ICEM CFD softwar I tried to creat one block for the Front rotor geomentry (Fig4)and applied periodicity. But When creat periodic vertex, the block becomes smaller and twisted and moves out of the geomentry surface(figure 5). When i associated the vetex to a point, All the four corner vertex in the bottom and top surface are not getting associated to point.

your suggestion to solve the problem please. Please help me to do meshing around my rotor. Could you please send me If you have any ICEM CFD tutorial for meshing rotor.

PSYMN May 3, 2012 09:31

Just an update on CGNS w/ periodicity... It is fixed for version 14.5. The fix will be included in the preview 2 release due out soon. You can get that from the customer portal.

Best regards,


Cecco May 4, 2012 03:35

Hi, I'm quite new as-well on ICEM. Could you please send me something about rotating part to mesh. Thanks a lot

venkat_aero2007 May 4, 2012 13:14

Hi Cecco,
Thanks for the response to the post on ICEM CFD CONTRA ROTATING OPEN ROTOR mesh. As the file size is large i am not able to send it to you via CFD online. Can you give me your Email Id so that I can send it through mail. One more doubt, how to find the location of mixing plane.

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