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eRzBeNgEl January 20, 2011 05:28

Problem with unstructured meshes
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As you can see in picture 1+ picture 2 in the attachement I am working on a unsymetric (there is a opening on the side) cooler + housing. My idea was to create Interfaces ( two Inlets (Top and Bottom) and one Outlet on the side). The problem is that Icem just meshed the inner part of the green housing. I need also the whole outer part meshed up (Picture 3 - Big Cylinder around the cooler housing and the green housing itself).

What did I do wrong?

Thanks for help

BrolY January 20, 2011 06:15

Have you created bodies everywhere you should?

About your 3rd picture, if you close your small cylinder with interfaces, ICEM won't mesh the big cylinder if you didn't tell him to do it (by creating bodies). And if the fluid can't move from the big cylinder to the small cylinder, why do you need the big one ?

For you 2nd picture, the problem is linked with this body issue I explained before.

eRzBeNgEl January 20, 2011 07:49


Thanks for your help. There were not enough material points. That was the reason.

Regarding your other question. My task is to simulate the fluid flow from the Big Cylinder, over the blades to the outlet on the side. There are 2 blade sides, one on the top, the other on the bottom. So I am havin two Fluid Inlets (the pink circle is one) - on top and bottom. On the side you have the oulet Area

My first model was a rotating -counter rotating model (with the big cylinder) - but it failed, cause the housing is not closed.

Then my next idea is to work with interfaces. I have never done this before (CFD Newbie) and still working on it. Maybe u have some ideas to improve or find a model ?:-)

Thanks for help

BrolY January 20, 2011 08:39

I think ICEM "understands" what you named "Inlets" as a wall.

Inlets or Outlets should be the entry(ies) or exit(s) of your domain. Do not create those surface inside your domain. Or it would prevent the flow going from your big cylinder to your small cylinder, which is not what your are looking for if I'm right.

Interfaces should be used if you want to break your model in two parts (or more), and then merge them together.

From your pictures, I would say you need only one material point (body) in your fluid domain.

PSYMN January 21, 2011 23:22

I would agree with Alexandre if the model were stationary... But if you are spinning the disk (like a hockey puck), you need those interface walls to separate the spinning cell zone from the surrounding one and to create a nice smooth interface that you can spin...

Just add the second material point and consider that inlet and outlet as cell zone interface (you can keep the name, it won't do any harm).

eRzBeNgEl January 24, 2011 08:27

Thanks a lot for your help.....

PSYMN was right. I used the "Inlet and Oulet surfaces as interface connection domains and my model is working now, and it also worked with one material point. So everything is fine now :-)

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