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sys999 January 22, 2011 17:07

Rotationally symmetric mesh
I'm having big problems to create a rotationally symmetric mesh in Icem 12.1.

I've meshed the disc with an ogrid. The edges are perfectly quadratic. I've defined the edge parameters with each 4 nodes and "mesh law" uniform.

Thogh the nodes aren't distributed equally along the curves. The distance between the nodes differs a little bit (e.g. 0.0158 and 0.0154).

Can somebody help me?

PSYMN January 30, 2011 18:01

It looks like you have both the original block and the inner ogrid block associated to the same curves... THis isn't right.

Start over. Associate the original box to the outer curves... Then snap them into place (you can have this done during association or with a snap fit after). Then create the Ogrid...

And what do you plan to do with the hole at the middle? Depending on how you want the mesh to look, you could associate the inner block of the Ogrid to that, but since the hole is so small, I would split the Inner block twice in each direction to get 9 blocks... Then put another ogrid in the central block and associate its new central block with that small hole... Then delete that block (not permanently).

Best regards,


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